JET Exam

 The Joint Employment Test is a competitive examination in India conducted by the JET Exam Board, an autonomous institute under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

jet exam

Last dateOrganization NameOther Details
2020-03-06 8:10:24JET Exam 2020 Notification Released : JET Clerk Officer
14/09/2019JET Exam
15/09/2019JET Exam
16/09/2019JET Exam
17/08/2019JET Exam
16/08/2019JET Exam
15/08/2019JET Exam
05/06/2019JET Exam
03/06/2019JET Exam
18/05/2019JET Exam
05/02/2019JET Exam
04/02/2019JET Exam
04/02/2019JET Exam
07/01/2019JET Exam
01/11/2018JET Exam
10/09/2018JET (Joint Employment Test)
01/08/2018JET (Joint Employment Test)
26/07/2018JET (Joint Employment Test)
26/06/2018JET (Joint Employment Test)
15/06/2018JET (Joint Employment Test)
20/05/2018JET (Joint Employment Test)
19/05/2018JET (Joint Employment Test)
19/05/2018JET (Joint Employment Test)


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